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When Your Basement Or Attic Gets
Remodeled By MBC Remodeling—It’s No
Longer A Basement Or Attic… It’s a Showroom!

Basements MBC Remodeling

Basement and Attic remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects that MBC has the pleasure of doing.

Your house has both an attic and a basement, but do they feel like home? If you’re like most, finishing an attic or basement will add new space and comfort to an area that was used as catch all storage.

Ever stop to think about the size of your basement and what it could be used for? Ever dream of adding a whole new floor to your home? How about a family room… a guest room… a laundry room?

We will transform your space into whatever you need it to be. Really need a new bedroom for your teenager? No problem.

A finished attic or basement is the place for all these things, or anything else you can dream of. You can practically double the square footage of your home with a finished basement and attic.

Plus - we offer a full 5-year Warranty on all of our projects. How many contractors do that?

From flooring to dry walling to ceiling, MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC will create the perfect atmosphere downstairs or up. We can also leave storage space if you still need it.

We recently won the Building Association of Lancaster’s Best Interior Award for a Basement Renovation.

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